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Why does buying Dog's Gifts bring you happiness?


Those who gave a gift to their dog reported greater happiness afterward, on average, than did those who had used the money differently. We certainly spend more money on our Dog's than ourselves and research shows that it puts a smile on our faces. Pet spending sparks satisfaction.

Dog's are part of the family and seeing them over joyed with happiness when receiving a new toy is enough to make your heart melt. It doesn't always have to cost you the earth, after all your Dog doesn't understand money, but even the most simple of gifts can really make a difference.

We often take more time in to the care of our pets than we do ourselves, if your thinking "yep that's me!" you are not the only one as a majority of Dog owners say their Dog is their priority after all they are practically your child with fur! Especially with their diet, exercise and gifts.

Apparently, we have pets for a variety of reasons and cherish their company in many different ways. Expressing love with our words and our wallets, we ensure that our four-legged-family members are well fed, well cared for, and showered with appreciation and affection, all of which create emotional satisfaction.  

Dog's can help you feel less lonely, stressed and boost your mood. So i guess the reason why we do this is because they make us feel great and love us no matter what so we are always going to think our dog deserves some extra treats or toys!

Want to know what to buy your Dog? Look out for our next blog where we will be talking about what's the best Dog gift, Dog toy and Dog treats and why its important to chose to suit your Dog!